Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My top Planner app

I strongly recommend the app called "Cozi" for families, spouses with busy work schedules, single-moms and college kids.... But why this one?

1. It is available online at as well as an app for many phones.
You can update or change from your computer at work and your teen will get the change instantly...

2. Colors are selected for each person in the household to visually navigate your way swiftly and easily. You can also pull up a schedule just for one person or Everyone...
But, your husband is the only one not checking his Cozi Schedule... Pull up his weekly schedule, print it off and post it. No excuses...

3. You can set yourself up a reminder on Cozi and it will send you a text at anytime you choose.
So, set the alarm to remind you to start getting ready for that function you committed to. But hey, meanwhile relax, read a book and prop your feet up. If you fall asleep... It's ok... The text reminder will go off

4. Create Shopping Lists to any place that can be checked off as you're walking thru the store.
Groceries, Home Depot/Lowe's, Sam's/Costco, Walmart, Craft Stores etc.


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