Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 Reasons Kids Luv Tents

Kids love tents as much as dogs love dens! We set up a tent in our living room for just a couple of days until the "newness" wore off. We found that dog sleeping tents are the best to buy (as seen in the picture). They already have plenty of ventilation in mind and the fabric is easy to wipe down... Should it also become a picnic. What all could you do with a tent in your living room?

1. Picnic area
2. Reading Nook
3. 30 min quiet time space
4. Nap sack
5. Stuffed animal hideout
6. The coloring quarters (crayons n paper)
7. Watch a movie from inside
8. Pretend it's a space shuttle and decorate it with aluminum foil
9. Put tent in bathtub to pretend it's a submarine... Water optional
10. Bring more playmates to turn it into a drive thru at the tent opening

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