Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zombie apocalypse

I ran across this and I could feel my heart race as I quickly noticed how much of a population would be "consumed." Some dendrites took over n here is what I thought...

1. How interesting the artist chose the color "red" since it has such a psychological/emotional response.

2. When the pie is in front of you, u realize how small the other percentages are. We all have the image in our mind what it would look like but this is universal mental pic

3. Pessimism takes over as u realize the odds are against humanity surviving. We, as humans, have always been the most fearful of cannibalism.

4. U realize yourself in this situation and which percentage u would fall into. Then comes the insecurity of knowing your not a mad scientist, superhuman, in shape for the fast zombies or extremely wealthy to be one of the few percentile.

5. Imagining what it would be like to constantly try to survive. Sleep deprivation, dehydration and weak muscles from not eating would take over.... More pessimism

6. The final end of how u would go down... The scenario, the environment, the struggles (or lack there of) and what happens after

7. No one thinks about zombies having sex and how it would be to witness it. Is it like the frog where one must hold on tight causing asphyxiation? Or a scorpion who stings the mate after to it's final death?

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