Saturday, January 7, 2012

Literary Craigslist Irony

The irony on this one just cracks me up at how people are naturally impulsive...

This rant was at the bottom of a craigslist add for free giveaways. Apparently it had been edited after the "assholes" had returned the freebies. The "assholes" have already looked at the add and therefore what are the chances they would re-read the add after picking up then returning the freebies? Most realistic situation is the rant will never be seen by the "assholes" that took it. If they did re-read the add, then what's the likelihood they would scroll all the way to the bottom to read a pissed off rant?

Makes me wonder how many people get pissed at others, work our pink panties in a wad, increase blood pressure and even create a hostile environment for no damn reason. Meanwhile the person causing the conflict just goes on living their life unaffected.

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